My name is Esmé (es-MAY) and I am, true to my last name, a maker of things.

I specialize in creative project management and post-production. I love design, animation and editorial processes and am fluent in the workflows associated with all types of projects. From re-branding to illustration to commercial production, from live-action to stop-motion animation to VFX-intensive projects, I love being a liason, a champion and the one who keeps everything going.  

I've made things with: A+E, AllState, Anomaly, BBDO, Bgstr, BMW, Capital One, Casper, Converse, Cowboy Bear Ninja, Decon, Dell, Dollar Shave Club, Disney, Etsy, Facebook Creative Shop, Geico, Google, HunterGatherer, kbs+, Little Caesars, The Martin Agency, Mackenzie Cutler, Mountain Dew,  Netflix, The NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability, Pepsi, PetSmart, Project Runway Junior, Publicis Kaplan Thaler, Quietman, Sprite, Stardust, Toyota, Wolff Olins. 

Am I available to help you out with your latest project? I'd love to be. 

Let's do this.