My name is Esmé (ehs-MAY) and I am a maker of things.

I specialize in creative project management and post-production. I love design, animation and editorial processes and am fluent in the workflows associated with all types of projects. From re-branding to illustration to commercial production, from live-action to stop-motion animation to VFX-intensive projects, I love being a liaison, a champion and the one who keeps everything going.  

I've made things with: A+E, AllState, Anomaly, BBDO, BMW, Capital One, Casper, Converse, Cowboy Bear Ninja, Decon, Dell, Dollar Shave Club, Disney, Etsy, Facebook Creative Shop, Geico, Google, HunterGatherer, kbs+, Little Caesars, The Martin Agency, Mackenzie Cutler, Mountain Dew,  Netflix, The NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability, Pepsi, PetSmart, Project Runway Junior, Publicis Kaplan Thaler, Sprite, Stardust, Toyota, Wolff Olins. 

Am I available to help you out with your latest project? I'd love to be. 

Let's do this.